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Mexico Part III - 4 Performances, 3.5 Horns in 48 hours...

***I've had the blogger site opened on my computer for a couple of days now...I should be much further than this but I just haven't found the will...I talked with Shay and Shawna the other day and I think we are all a little depressed that this is all over  - for now at least.  The weather here in Chicago is oppressing(heat) and I always seem to find something else to do than sit and write...but alas the blogging world calls and so I am going to is Mexico part III.*** I left you last with me headed off to warm up for the two shows we had that day at the Auditorium National.  It's huge.  It was the largest venue and crowd that we played for and let me tell you that all four shows were packed! The venue was right across the street from the hotel but again we were highly recommended to take our bus over to the venue.  I guess a week before we arrived a violinist in one of the many orchestra's that rehearse and perform there was killed as they left the stage d

Mexico - Part II - Mexico City Sight Seeing

Mexico - Part II - Mexico City Mick and I at the Navy Pier Beer Garden ***I am sitting here in Chicago, Sunday, August 1st at the Beer Garden here at Navy Pier enjoying the beautiful August weather here and listening to Mick play with his band, Lynne Jordan and the Shivers. I got back from tour on Monday but I am determined to finish my blog…not just for those of you who are asking “how did it end?” but for my recollection as well! So I will pick up where I left off which is the second half of Mexico…*** Lynne Jordan and the Shivers playing the Beer Garden Early Thursday morning all the SWIC members gathered and headed back to the Monterrey airport. We were in some lines yet again but it went a little more smoothly than trying to get into the country. Odd enough we had several members held for security items…things that are allowed on US flights were not allowed on inter-Mexico flights. For instance we could bring opened liquids but not nail clippers. Chris was even stopped because he

Mexico - Part I - Monterrey

The next stop for Star Wars was Mexico. I was the most excited and scared for this portion of the trip. I love visiting foreign countries and going further into Mexico than Tijuana appealed to me greatly…however…that country is under extreme duress right now as the government is in a public battle with the drug cartels for control over the cities and the country as a whole. Our tour was taking us to two locations, Monterrey and Mexico City. When I first signed up for the tour I was more afraid to visit Mexico City as a fellow musician I play with in Chicago was shot in broad day there and it is very public that they have a high crime rate but as the date drew nearer for us to go it became apparent that Monterrey was just as dangerous. Apparently a month or so before we got there drug cartel entered a local hotel, demanded a guest list and kidnapped several hotel patrons…some of whom have not been heard from since. Monterrey for years was a mountain resort town, an expensive privileged

Austin via San Antonio

Saturday morning I said goodbye to Mick. His flight was a few hours after I had to leave on the bus. It was a good visit and I am glad that we were able to work it out for him to get here. Once on the bus I was finally able to test out my new headphones and once again I will say they are amazing! If you travel a lot this is worth the money…but I digress…we were on our way back to San Antonio to play two shows. I was hoping to connect with another college friend (Paul, Shay’s best friend from BU) but due to my schedule and wanting to be on stage early I didn’t get a chance to catch up with him.  Up until now we had had mostly the main assistant conductor, Lucas, as our director. Mark(another assistant conductory) subbed in a few times but today we were finally getting to work with the tour’s main conductor, Dirk Brosse . I think we were all a little nervous about playing for him and it seemed as though everyone was on their best behavior! The two shows went by quickly. Funny thing thoug

Corpus Christi and a visit from Mickey!!!

Absence makes the heart grow fonder! After high tailing it through California and Nevada we were all in some serious need of some R and R!  The group was split into two and fortunately for me I was in the first group which meant that I would get to Corpus Christi first and get to see Mick sooner! We had planned on him coming to Corpus when I was first offered the gig as we had 5 days there with only 1 show.  Unfortunately we waited a little to long to get the ticket but using P riceline got a decent rate on a ticket for him from Chicago. He actually arrived a few hours before me but was able to check into the hotel and check out the area.  We flew from LAX to Dallas//Ft. Worth (we'd just been there remember!) and then connected to San Antonio where we picked up a bus and drove the 2 hours to Corpus. Pretty much everyone laid low that first night.  Mick and I ordered a pizza and watched TV....other's in our group locked themselves in their rooms and just enjoyed some peace and