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Closing Day was alot like Christmas...

Day of closing, as many of you know, is a nail biting experience...but for us it was more like Christmas morning. While Mick was playing a gig right up to signing the paperwork, our agent, Colleen, and I did a walk through of the place before we went to make it all official. If you read our opening post you know that part of the deal was that they were going to leave not only the furniture we asked for but everything else that Mildred couldn't bring to her new home. Colleen and I went through the house carefully checking off the big items but also looking through boxes, drawers and closets...finding all the unexpected things that were left for us. Some of the things left for us was a fully furnished dining room, complete with a 6 person table, 3 extension leafs, a sideboard, and hutch full of crystal and glass...and we can't forget the really awesome clock...Mildred in fact left 4 dining sets, all in mint condition, all with their original chairs and table leafs...we acquired t

Love at first site...

Everyone kept saying, "you'll know when you've found your house"...and house after house, we thought...really? But sure enough, from that first picture of the kitchen to the moment we walked into the house on showing day, we knew this was are some pictures of the house from the day we fell in love ♥ Front hallway closet old owners added.   Living room. Showed dark, actually without the curtains it gets TONS of natural sunlight! Dining Room. Master bedroom as seen from the dining room.                                                 Master bedroom. Linen closet in hallway between two bedrooms.  It's a Jack and Jill set up.  GREEN bathroom!! Second bedroom. Kitchen. Only countertop surface! All the doors have working skeleton keys.        Basement stairs. Basement.  It's big. This picture doesn't do it justice.  Full walk out as well! 1940's WORKING appliances. Attic.  Someday our master suite! Our amazing agent, Colleen, at the backdoor of the

We Bought a house!!

Most of you reading this already know that Mick and I just bought our first home. We are so very excited to be sharing this adventure with everyone but before we take you on our renovation/improvement journey we thought it best to tell everyone how it happened that we got this particular house! Mick and I with the help of my Mom, Katy, have been looking at houses since late March. We toyed with the idea of getting a 2 or 3 flat and renting out the other units but settled on the fact that that would hardly be an improvement on where/what we were currently living in. Condos were appealing with all their shiny new appliances and granite counters but for the money were just not enough space and again there is the issue of having neighbors on the other side of a wall! Nope, Mick and I knew we wanted a we searched...and searched.... Mom came down around Easter and looked with us...we saw some okay ones...but most were house we saw we really liked on Lowell Street in Chic