Love at first site...

Everyone kept saying, "you'll know when you've found your house"...and house after house, we thought...really? But sure enough, from that first picture of the kitchen to the moment we walked into the house on showing day, we knew this was are some pictures of the house from the day we fell in love ♥

Front hallway closet old owners added.

Living room.
Showed dark, actually without the curtains it gets TONS of natural sunlight!

Dining Room.

Master bedroom as seen from the dining room.                                                 Master bedroom.

Linen closet in hallway between two bedrooms.  It's a Jack and Jill set up.  GREEN bathroom!!

Second bedroom.

Kitchen. Only countertop surface!

All the doors have working skeleton keys.        Basement stairs.

Basement.  It's big. This picture doesn't do it justice.  Full walk out as well!

1940's WORKING appliances.

Attic.  Someday our master suite!

Our amazing agent, Colleen, at the backdoor of the house.
It opens into an addition onto the house.

YARD!  No garage right now but plenty of space to run around and enjoy the great Chicago outdoors.


  1. I love that you still have the skeleton keys. The house that we bought in the fall has the original doors with skeleton locks on them but we don't have the keys. The doors still have the original glass doorknobs too! I love old houses!

  2. You forgot to say how much great water pressure the shower has...after 10 years in Chicaco finally, a shower with some pressure and hot water!!! mom

  3. Tracy, you know you can get skeleton keys at Lowes...the come in packages of two, there seem to be two kinds for inside doors. One where the key flares out and one that flares in..a package comes with both and they are really cheap, I think, $2.99 a should check it out!


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