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The first thing we did in the house when we moved in was laundry. Seriously…in fact we avoided doing laundry in our old apartment for almost a full month before we closed. Laundry in an apartment building pretty much blows no matter how you look at it. When we lived in a 100+ unit building you could never find a time when the machines weren’t in use…in a three unit building there was only one set and they hardly worked. Our dryer didn’t dry and others in the building never cleaned out the lint trap, or wiped up the laundry soap drippings on the washer…sometimes you’d find someone else’s socks (or worse!) in your finished laundry… in addition to dealing with everyone else using the machines Mick and I would usually argue about who’s turn it was to go down the four flights of stairs to do the laundry…sometimes one of us would get all the way to the bottom of the stairs and realize we were a quarter short…so we’d have to make the trek back up for a measly 25 cents… The day we closed on th