Orlando to Atlanta

So three shows down and we are done with Florida! Orlando's shows were great.  They put up the NBA play off banners up on the building between last night and this morning when we left the Marriott. 

(Picture: Star Wars "Screen Saver" I only ever see this screen during sound check...the silver "pods" are part of the lighting design.)  According to someone in the know...the stage and lighting/sound design was done by Lucas Films.  It's funny because this show is about the movies, yes, but also about the music, BUT when it came to setting up the brass the tuba is in the back row with the horns.  It's sort of an odd set up to have us back there behind the trumpets and trombones but it's even more odd that the tuba is with us and not the rest of the low brass...I was told that this is because the tuba would interfere with the "design" of the lights/lasers, ect...so to the back row he is!! That's okay with me.  I sit right next to him and it's great to sit next to the foundation of the orchestra, and he sounds great!

This morning we were up and on the road by 8 am...at promptly 8:05 all the musicians were snuggled up and conked out! Today I think was one of the longer rides we are taking,  7.5 hours from Orlando, FL to Atlanta, GA.  We are not playing any shows here, merely passing through on our way to our next show which will be Tuesday night in Memphis.  (Tomorrow we are staying over in Nashville, TN)  We rolled into Atlanta about 4pm.  Staying at the Ritz again...loving that!  

(Picture: view of two three of our road buses from my 16th floor room here at the Ritz Atlanta)

Funny enough I have an old college friend from Boston University who is also on this tour, Shay (Cellist), and she had been smart enough to investigate things to do here so we went off on our own little adventure.  We walked through the Olympic Park.  There was some sort of event/walk going on.  Kids and families were everywhere! But we did eventually get to our intended destination which was...drumroll please.... the Coca-Cola musuem!!!  It was pretty interesting.  And WAY better than hanging out in a bar or staying a hermit in the hotel. It's a $15 admission fee but you get two short films (8 minute, propaganda, go Coke films, but entertaining), a free coke, a vist to the Coke tasting room, and a free bottle of ....COKE! Oh and we got our picture taken with the Coca-Cola Polar Bear.  (I don't know why my eyes are closed.)

Original Coke dispenser...Syrup would go into the pot on top and they would add it to the soda water(?) in a glass below.  I think that's what they said!

Awesome "Pop Art"

The "Tasting Room" a room right before the gift shop of course, that has samples of all sorts of Coke products from all over the world.  The worst? "Beverly" from Italy...GROSS!

American Idol couch from I think 2005 season.

Um....I just thought this was an "interesting" photo...I'll let you decide what it's caption should be.

Shows to date: 3
Number of hotels stayed in to date: 3
Best hotel to date: Ritz Carlton, Atlanta


  1. Love the coke couch!! Love that the tuba must make room for the lighting design!!


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