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Corpus Christi and a visit from Mickey!!!

Absence makes the heart grow fonder! After high tailing it through California and Nevada we were all in some serious need of some R and R!  The group was split into two and fortunately for me I was in the first group which meant that I would get to Corpus Christi first and get to see Mick sooner! We had planned on him coming to Corpus when I was first offered the gig as we had 5 days there with only 1 show.  Unfortunately we waited a little to long to get the ticket but using P riceline got a decent rate on a ticket for him from Chicago. He actually arrived a few hours before me but was able to check into the hotel and check out the area.  We flew from LAX to Dallas//Ft. Worth (we'd just been there remember!) and then connected to San Antonio where we picked up a bus and drove the 2 hours to Corpus. Pretty much everyone laid low that first night.  Mick and I ordered a pizza and watched TV....other's in our group locked themselves in their rooms and just enjoyed some peace and

San Diego - Vegas - Ontario (5 shows in 72 hours..)

 Sororo Cactus The next leg of our trip took us from Tucson to San Diego, we were fortunate enough to have a nice hotel (Embassy Suites) right off of the port and we got to stay for TWO nights in a row! Being able to pull things out of your bag and not have to think about repacking it the next morning is an amazing feeling. My room had a balcony that looked out into the port and *sigh* I just love Southern California…I really felt like I was in heaven…I think it even smells good out there! We pulled in around 4 and we had the night off so our regular group of criminals headed out to the hip part of town known as the Gas Lamp District. It’s a lot like “Boys Town” or “Wrigleyville” in Chicago. Great shopping and food eateries. After walking around a bit we decided to have a nice dinner outside at the Urban Kitchen. I had pasta with Shrimp and was like to die for…we all took pictures with our food. It was a bit of a splurge but sitting down to a nice, relaxing dinner had it

El Paso (Juarez) and Tucson

Statue outside the art museum (I think) in downtown El Paso, TX I was so excited to go to El Paso.  I actually have several friends in Chicago who grew up there and as chance would have it my Uber friend, Anna, was going to be in town the same day we were!  The day we arrived we didn’t have any time to explore.  We barely had to time to shower, and get back downstairs to ride the bus to the venue.  To date this was the BEST crowd we have had.  The arena was a little smaller than others that we have been in and the floor seats were much closer.  As a performer, who is tired…it is AMAZING to feel the energy from an inspired crowd.  They  went nuts for Anthony Daniels (C-3PO) as well!  After the concert Anna came to the El Camino Real (our hotel) to join us for a drink.  It was so weird to see her there and I am sure a little weirder for her to see ME there! That hotel is where she had her prom, parties, weddings, etc.  She explained that the Tiffany Glass ceiling in the bar is the “famou

Ft. Worth and Midland

After we left Wichita we headed for El Paso , via Fort. Worth and Midland Texas. What I love about this tour is that I am getting paid to visit places I would never have chosen to visit on my own. It’s great because I get to discover awesome places and make a mental list of cool vacay spots for Mick and me! I also get to visit places I’ve wanted to go to for years and sometimes once I’m there I realize I wouldn’t want to go back!! We arrived in Ft. Worth at the Omni Hotel in the afternoon and a friend of mine from Chicago who has since moved to Ft. Worth met me at the hotel. Mark graciously picked me and three of my girlfriends on the tour up and took us to the “Stockyards” for some southern sightseeing. The Stockyard is a tourist trap but a pretty cool one. We got there just before shops started to close but we did manage to get to a hat place and buy some cool cowgirl hats! When we were looking at hats I saw a mechanical bull and I instantly wanted to try to ride it…fortunately for