El Paso (Juarez) and Tucson

Statue outside the art museum (I think) in downtown El Paso, TX

I was so excited to go to El Paso.  I actually have several friends in Chicago who grew up there and as chance would have it my Uber friend, Anna, was going to be in town the same day we were!  The day we arrived we didn’t have any time to explore.  We barely had to time to shower, and get back downstairs to ride the bus to the venue.  To date this was the BEST crowd we have had.  The arena was a little smaller than others that we have been in and the floor seats were much closer.  As a performer, who is tired…it is AMAZING to feel the energy from an inspired crowd.  They  went nuts for Anthony Daniels (C-3PO) as well!  After the concert Anna came to the El Camino Real (our hotel) to join us for a drink.  It was so weird to see her there and I am sure a little weirder for her to see ME there! That hotel is where she had her prom, parties, weddings, etc.  She explained that the Tiffany Glass ceiling in the bar is the “famous” glass that Poncho Vita shot a bullet through.  While at the bar a few Star Wars in Concert groupies arrived.  They were in the choir in El Paso and wanted to take us all out to another bar that they were going to have opened “special” for us.  Us ladies declined though a few of the guys took them up on the offer…the next day we were to head for Tucson but I really wanted to explore El Paso and walk to the border.  El Paso sits on the US/Mexican border.  Shawna and I got up early to deposit our first checks from the tour and grab a bite.  I was warned by Anna that Juarez is very unstable right now, they have the highest murder rate in the world right now.  I guess they are dealing with gangster like shootings…so we did not venture past the border.  The actual fence and check point was about 5 blocks from our hotel.  Shawna and I walked all through the border area and to be honest did get a little weirded out.  Within two blocks from the hotel it felt like we were already in Mexico (we are headed there later in the tour).  There were various stands and shops…and very little English! Unfortunately we didn’t get to see much of El Paso.  Downtown seemed to be shut down and there was very little within actual walking distance.

On the way to the border...all the stores put their pants on display with the butt out...

Time to head out! Shawna and Mikey.

Tiffany ceiling that was shot at.

All three of our buses we traveled with on the first part of the tour.

Judy (our resident Mom) found these at the Walgreen's...well duh we HAD to get them!!

On the way to Tuscon we stopped in the middle of nowhere to refuel and grab lunch.  Tired of Subway I followed some friends into a small bbq place.  I always feel like when we stop at these places we leave a trail of destruction…and money…our perdiem is given to us in $50 bills…so when we hit places like this it’s eat or be eaten when it comes to getting in line first so you can get change! This place was nice, pretty decent food and clean.

The border.  We drove along it all the way to California.  There were several random check point we had to go through.

Angel...breaking the BBQ owner's kids' toys...can't take him anywhere ;)

 We didn’t have much time in Tucson either! It was really really hot there…probably the hottest area to date.  I had an awesome view of the mountains (haven’t seen any of those in a while, though they pale in comparison to home) and a wonderful view of brightly colored houses.  The hotel was not the best…I am not sure my towels were clean.  The concert was okay.  I think we were all pretty tired by the time we hit Tucson.  Most of us hit the bar right after the concert and I was already looking forward to getting to San Diego…where we would be in the same hotel for TWO consecutive nights…the last time that happened was when we were in Orlando.

View from my Tucson hotel room.  Love the colors of the apartments!

Shows to date: 10
Number of hotels stayed to date: 11
Best hotel to date: Omni Hotel, Fort Worth TX
Miles traveled to date:4,557 miles


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