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Mexico - Part II - Mexico City Sight Seeing

Mexico - Part II - Mexico City Mick and I at the Navy Pier Beer Garden ***I am sitting here in Chicago, Sunday, August 1st at the Beer Garden here at Navy Pier enjoying the beautiful August weather here and listening to Mick play with his band, Lynne Jordan and the Shivers. I got back from tour on Monday but I am determined to finish my blog…not just for those of you who are asking “how did it end?” but for my recollection as well! So I will pick up where I left off which is the second half of Mexico…*** Lynne Jordan and the Shivers playing the Beer Garden Early Thursday morning all the SWIC members gathered and headed back to the Monterrey airport. We were in some lines yet again but it went a little more smoothly than trying to get into the country. Odd enough we had several members held for security items…things that are allowed on US flights were not allowed on inter-Mexico flights. For instance we could bring opened liquids but not nail clippers. Chris was even stopped because he