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Mexico Part III - 4 Performances, 3.5 Horns in 48 hours...

***I've had the blogger site opened on my computer for a couple of days now...I should be much further than this but I just haven't found the will...I talked with Shay and Shawna the other day and I think we are all a little depressed that this is all over  - for now at least.  The weather here in Chicago is oppressing(heat) and I always seem to find something else to do than sit and write...but alas the blogging world calls and so I am going to is Mexico part III.*** I left you last with me headed off to warm up for the two shows we had that day at the Auditorium National.  It's huge.  It was the largest venue and crowd that we played for and let me tell you that all four shows were packed! The venue was right across the street from the hotel but again we were highly recommended to take our bus over to the venue.  I guess a week before we arrived a violinist in one of the many orchestra's that rehearse and perform there was killed as they left the stage d