What is wrong with America

I've had the idea for this blog for awhile.  I wish I actually blogged more...I feel that I am constantly writing things in my head and when it comes to putting it to paper (or computer) I just get overwhelmed... But this has been bothering me for a few years now and I really just need a place to write my thoughts, and vent...

There is so much speculation by every Tom, Mick and Mary (get Mick and Mary, HA!) about what's wrong with this country...how we got into the mess we're in, and how we are going to get out.  I am very open about being a conservative, Republican, I know what you're thinking - "but you're a musician" but I am so deal with it first off....but fundamentally I feel the reason American is where it is, and falling has nothing to do with party politics as much as it does and all the Americans cumulatively.  Americans, or a great number of them are lazy whiners, looking for a handout...unwilling to work, and who believe rules and regulations are for everyone else.  I see this "I'm above the rules" attitude everyday.  In addition to simply following the rules set up by our society to make life not only safe but smooth, people are just plain inconsiderate.  Let me give a few - hundred example - okay, maybe just a few of the ones that really piss me off.

MJ's list of things that would fix the world (or at least bring a little more peace to it):

Escalator etiquette: In America it is a standard protocol when on a moving sidewalk, or a normal sidewalk if you are going to stand you get to the right, if you want to walk, run etc you should be on the left side...it's the same when driving, faster traffic is to the left and slower cars on the right.  So why is it so hard for the people here at the City Colleges of Chicago to understand this.  I can't tell you how many times I get on the escalator trying to get to my office and there are people standing on both the right AND left sides of the escalator, therefore blocking anyone who wishes to walk up?  I might add as well that it is always the same people...when I say this I mean no offense but really, it's the same ethnicity of people...every time...I keep track and it is a total fact.  Maybe these individuals don't know their left from the right, it's possible, half of the college kids I tutor can't read and they don't want to...I'll get to that one in a second.  But come on people...you are being rude....you are holding up the line.  If you'd like to stand and talk to your friend, stand on the effing right side of the escalator and you can be there all day...BE CONSIDERATE!

City Colleges of Chicago, Harold Washington College - Students :  Mick and I split a 40+hr/wk job tutoring all things music at the City Colleges of Chicago, Harold Washington Campus in downtown Chicago.  Overall it's a great job and extremely fulfilling.  However we are both getting tired of the "Lazy College Student".  I know what you are thinking, all college kids are lazy...it's true but the level of laziness here is at a new level. First of all so many students here take a music class because they think it's 'easy'.  HA! I find this so funny and insulting since I've dedicated most of my life to this profession - that's right it's a profession NOT a hobby.  But I am so sick and tired of student coming to see me because they didn't want to go to class or they didn't want to talk to their teachers...which is their first line of learning by the way.  Mick and I as the music tutors are here as a supplement a music education NOT teach you.  I can't tell you how many students have come in the last week (it's midterms) wanting us to explain to them how


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