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There's a first for everything....

So most you know that I've been trying to get more business to/through my Etsy account.  I had actually thought about abandoning my small business efforts at the beginning of this summer (2012) but my awesome husband really pushed me to keep trying.  I was totally on the fence.  After all, while I have made money selling my wares I certainly haven't hit it big and I hate the waste, both physically from making items, and monetarily from buying things to make the items.  I hadn't completely decided what to do when Kelly and I and her twins A&E went on a walk through Chicago's largest and one of the most historic parks (which just happens to be in our neighborhood) and we saw this sign:     "Crafters Wanted", well...we knew where they could get some ;)  We called and got the info and without boring you with the details decided to go in on a booth together and commit to making our summer jobs be the items we'd sell at the craft fair.  I was excited

Wonder, wander, wonder

So I'm sitting in my horn studio (I say horn studio because the studio where I make music is upstairs and compleletely different from my crafting studio which is downstairs in our basement and currently covered in projects) and I am trying to FINALLY finish officially setting up my Etsy profile for my crafting business.  But rather than write my shops' story for the WonderJo site I am sitting here procrastinating. (Have I mentioned that it is over 100 degrees outside right now?) I was actually going to remove my Etsy site this summer.  While I have had sales it hasn't been as boutiful as I had hoped it would be last spring when I started the account.  But then I had a random sale from California and I thought maybe I should try it for one more year...and then I had some houseguests who bought several items each and I thought...I love this...but the icing on the cake was when Kelly and I were out for a walk in Portage Park and we saw the "Crafters Wanted" sign for

There's just not enough pop ups in the world...

I love paper.  I have loved paper since as long as I can remember.  In fact, one of my first memories as a kid was making crafts, and not the glue and macaroni kind but folding paper and learning the art of Origami.  I remember being friends with a little Asian boy in my kindergarten class in Anchorage Alaska, at the Anchorage Christian Schools (obviously a private Christian facility) that was part of my parents' church, Anchorage Baptist Temple , and while I can't remember why (maybe it was my birthday) his mother brought me a package of origami paper and a simple origami book.  That was it, I was hooked.  I love the smell of the origami paper (if you've ever worked with it you know what I mean) and I was fascinated at how with a few simple folds and absolutely no cuts we could make amazing things...frogs that jumped, balloons you could actually fill with air (though they of course would not float).  The sky seemed to be the limit.  I wish I could remember the little boy&

Here's to New Beginnings....

Well, here we are again.  I am in a funk and I have somehow found myself back here on the blogasphere...I've attempted (and been somewhat successful) at maintaining a blog for various experiences in my life.  I did a really good job blogging about being in Saskatoon Saskatchewan in 2008 with Phantom of the Opera, an okay job at it while on the road with Star Wars in Concert (although to be fair we didn't always have an internet connection) and then somewhat sporadic with our Eddylow Blog ...I should probably get back to that at some time... I am a successful "blogger" when I feel really passionate about what I'm writing about...and I think with the recent changes to things Mick and I are doing (or in my case NOT doing) I have the time the energy and the want to really start writing consistently. I pretty much have a running commentary in my head from dealing with the people I live and work with here in the Windy City, ideas for a million craft ideas and a rant