Here's to New Beginnings....

Well, here we are again.  I am in a funk and I have somehow found myself back here on the blogasphere...I've attempted (and been somewhat successful) at maintaining a blog for various experiences in my life.  I did a really good job blogging about being in Saskatoon Saskatchewan in 2008 with Phantom of the Opera, an okay job at it while on the road with Star Wars in Concert (although to be fair we didn't always have an internet connection) and then somewhat sporadic with our Eddylow Blog...I should probably get back to that at some time...

I am a successful "blogger" when I feel really passionate about what I'm writing about...and I think with the recent changes to things Mick and I are doing (or in my case NOT doing) I have the time the energy and the want to really start writing consistently. I pretty much have a running commentary in my head from dealing with the people I live and work with here in the Windy City, ideas for a million craft ideas and a rant or to as well.  I won't bore you all with my goals.  Though you can be sure I have some lofty ones ;) But I do hope that I will be able to just share a little bit more of me...and whatever that entails at that particular moment.

So here's to 2012, complete with changes and new opportunities.  See you all at the end, that is if the world doesn't implode before then ;)


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