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Wonder, wander, wonder

So I'm sitting in my horn studio (I say horn studio because the studio where I make music is upstairs and compleletely different from my crafting studio which is downstairs in our basement and currently covered in projects) and I am trying to FINALLY finish officially setting up my Etsy profile for my crafting business.  But rather than write my shops' story for the WonderJo site I am sitting here procrastinating. (Have I mentioned that it is over 100 degrees outside right now?) I was actually going to remove my Etsy site this summer.  While I have had sales it hasn't been as boutiful as I had hoped it would be last spring when I started the account.  But then I had a random sale from California and I thought maybe I should try it for one more year...and then I had some houseguests who bought several items each and I thought...I love this...but the icing on the cake was when Kelly and I were out for a walk in Portage Park and we saw the "Crafters Wanted" sign for