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So I'm sitting in my horn studio (I say horn studio because the studio where I make music is upstairs and compleletely different from my crafting studio which is downstairs in our basement and currently covered in projects) and I am trying to FINALLY finish officially setting up my Etsy profile for my crafting business.  But rather than write my shops' story for the WonderJo site I am sitting here procrastinating. (Have I mentioned that it is over 100 degrees outside right now?) I was actually going to remove my Etsy site this summer.  While I have had sales it hasn't been as boutiful as I had hoped it would be last spring when I started the account.  But then I had a random sale from California and I thought maybe I should try it for one more year...and then I had some houseguests who bought several items each and I thought...I love this...but the icing on the cake was when Kelly and I were out for a walk in Portage Park and we saw the "Crafters Wanted" sign for the September 'Art in the Park' craft fair.  Last summer I had dreams of participating but I never followed through. So now that I am going to have a captive audience I am really trying to make a go of my shop.  I am trying to be both creative inventor/make and smart organized business woman.  I've changed my shop name, mostly because there are so many versions of "CraftWorks" already in the Etsy world and I wanted my url for the shop to be the same as my shop name.  Somehow it has become WonderJo or WonderJo Designs...I am reworking my logo, my slogan, my tags and I'm actually working on fabric labels for my merchandise.   I have running lists in my head as to what I have done, what I need to get done, the cost for this and that, new designs, new merchandise all together and then I have to remind myself that this is suppose to be fun. I'll keep you all updated on my progress...this little blog break has been good for my mind on this hot Chicago day.  I'll leave you with a few images from my 30+ bibs I have cut out, appliqued, and am about to piece....

and remember to check out WonderJo Designs (hey I have to start marketing somewhere right?)  www.wonderjo.etsy.com

Newly re-designs popsicle bibs

Birthday Girl and Birthday Boy Cake Bibs

I love the texture and colors in this photo...This is 20+ bibs stacked and pinned ready to be serged together.  I love some good organization ;)

Straight edges are my favorite, the candle flame, not so much


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