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There's a first for everything....

So most you know that I've been trying to get more business to/through my Etsy account.  I had actually thought about abandoning my small business efforts at the beginning of this summer (2012) but my awesome husband really pushed me to keep trying.  I was totally on the fence.  After all, while I have made money selling my wares I certainly haven't hit it big and I hate the waste, both physically from making items, and monetarily from buying things to make the items.  I hadn't completely decided what to do when Kelly and I and her twins A&E went on a walk through Chicago's largest and one of the most historic parks (which just happens to be in our neighborhood) and we saw this sign:     "Crafters Wanted", well...we knew where they could get some ;)  We called and got the info and without boring you with the details decided to go in on a booth together and commit to making our summer jobs be the items we'd sell at the craft fair.  I was excited