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Replacing elastic in Flip diaper covers & converting aplix (velcro) tosnap closures

*** 03/07/2019 This post has been updated with more advice! Check out 'When "doodie" calls' for updated information!*** I did it!! I've been stalking the inter-webs, all the facebook diaper and sewing groups and I finally decided to just bite the bullet and try and replace the elastic in my Flip covers.  I found plenty of advice in written form and a few blogs touched on this subject but I failed to find anything that described, step by step, how to do this.  As an avid crafter, I was intimidated to just do it, after all this is my diaper “stash”…you never want to mess that up!! But we are getting leaks on our 18 mo around the legs where the original elastic had relaxed sooo much…so while my mom was here visiting, I dove in.  We took half my stash (6 covers, yes we only use 12 covers) and went to work.  My recommendation is to do smaller batches…life and kids get in the way and unless you have a huge stash, I think working on 1-3 a week or every wash (we wash