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Eco friendly AND made in the USA? Where do we buy?!

I love that every year it gets easier and easier to buy products Made in the USA and that are eco-conscience! We are a pretty frugal family so even before we had P I had made my mind up about a few things. One of them was the amount of "stuff" we would need for her. I remember registering and friends telling me we would need 10+ bottles and a million paci's. Nope. We hate waste, and what the heck do you do with all these things when they out grow them? We live in a small house and I'd rather just wash a few dishes than buy a ton of crap. So when she started actually eating off of dinnerware I was very conscience of what I was buying. Over the years we've accumulated a few melamine plates and bowls but we've bought specifically for her four bowls and four (segmented) plates. I found the plates at Target and they were a steal at around $2 a plate. Overall they've been great. They are easy for her to use.  Semi easy to clean. And so far (knock on woo