Eco friendly AND made in the USA? Where do we buy?!

I love that every year it gets easier and easier to buy products Made in the USA and that are eco-conscience!

We are a pretty frugal family so even before we had P I had made my mind up about a few things. One of them was the amount of "stuff" we would need for her. I remember registering and friends telling me we would need 10+ bottles and a million paci's. Nope. We hate waste, and what the heck do you do with all these things when they out grow them? We live in a small house and I'd rather just wash a few dishes than buy a ton of crap. So when she started actually eating off of dinnerware I was very conscience of what I was buying. Over the years we've accumulated a few melamine plates and bowls but we've bought specifically for her four bowls and four (segmented) plates. I found the plates at Target and they were a steal at around $2 a plate. Overall they've been great. They are easy for her to use.  Semi easy to clean. And so far (knock on wood) unbreakable. But this last weekend while perusing Target's kids section looking for two more snack cups (we've made it over two years with only three!) I stumbled across these and just had to share!!!

They manage to check off every single thing we look for in a purchase. So we snatched them up and I love them so much that I'm going to grab a few more!

What do we love about them?

  • Made from recycled materials. CHECK
  • Made in the USA. CHECK
  • Easy to clean.  CHECK
  • Inexpensive. CHECK

Some bonus points? The corners are rounded so P can get every last morsel of applesauce at lunch time and I can easily wash them without having to do finger yoga to get the corners clean. They are light weight AND the way the segmented portions are formed they are able to nest into each other.  Our old melamine ones sit on top of each other, they take up more space that way and tend to fall over in disarray in our pantry.  We love these so much we were checking them out to see if they came in a slightly larger size to use our new outdoor space.  

If you want to check them out you can find them at Target or by clicking here: Re-Play

If you're a fan of products Made in the USA and items made from recycled materials I also suggest checking out Green Toys they make all sorts of toys using recycled milk cartons, again right here in the U.S. and they are awesome.  Some of P's favorite toys are the "dinnerware" and "tea set" we have from them. They also make actual dinnerware of different sizes and shapes, trucks, flowers, food sets, bath toys.... Really check them out you will not regret it!


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