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Trash on the go... | Week 21 | #52wonderfilledweeks

In our house we have a "Honey Do" list and a "Honey Sew" list.  At any given time I have a handful of projects that the hubs has asked me to sew.  At the top of the list for over a year was a trash bag/can for the new car.  Okay, it's a year old but the need is still there.  In our old car we were able to hang a grocery bag from the arm rest of our "captain" chair seats.  In our new Subaru we don't have that option.  We both despise a dirty car, and with two kiddos it can really add up.  I'm not sure how we have survived the last year but we're getting ready for a big family road trip so I knew it was time to bite the bullet and figure out how to make something that was functional and cute.  My first thought was to make something that would straddle the "hump" in the back seat on the floor.  I kept getting stumped at how I would keep the bag from tumbling to either side when we turned.  It wasn't until I was getting some ite

A royal fascination…and then there’s the hats | Week 20 | #52wonderfilledweeks

I’m down to the wire…again…we’re getting ready to watch Westworld and I am frantically watermarking photos and drafting my weekly blog.  This week I had 3 rehearsals, 1 orchestra concert, 2 gigs, a recital and an audition (at which I did quite well and advanced, but that is for another blog).  Busy doesn’t begin to describe what I was this week.  Then throw in a Royal Wedding and it’s no wonder I feel like I haven’t slept in days…because I haven’t, ha! A few years ago after Wills and Kate sealed the deal I became slightly obsessed with fascinators.   A colleague (who also enjoyed crafting) and I would find any excuse to make the over the top pieces of head wear.   We wore them to concerts, weddings, special events, you name it we made and wore them.   With the festivities this week (as well as my second horn and organ recital) I thought it would be fun to make a new fascinator for myself and special one for P too! The last royal wedding Hubby and I made mimosas and ate monkey b