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Comparison is the thief of joy - The struggle to keep your eyes on your own lane...

Comparison is the thief of joy - the struggle to keep your eyes on your own lane... Six weeks ago I took an audition.  That's such a big, heavy word.  It's full of opportunity and pressure, validation and rejection...and in many cases it can be the difference in job "security" (is that even a thing in the music business anymore?) and having to still piece together enough gigs to pay the bills for another year...or years.  I had a teacher long ago that said the worst thing you can do to yourself is have to win a job to write your next rent check.  There's just too much at stake, and he was right! But it's also detrimental to put so much credit in 'winning' a job as a form of validation of your success as a musician.  Easier said than done of course. For years when I first was out of school I was totally focused on winning a job...which is ironic because in school I had decided I would be perfectly happy freelancing my entire career...I

Play Camp means we need shorts! | Week 25 | #52wonderfilledweeks

Summer has arrived for the Laymaneers, our vacations are over, our over night visits from friends and family are done for the season and P starts Summer Play Camp here in Chicago tomorrow! We planted our flowers last weekend and it's literally rained...(no dumped!!!) everyday for the past week or so until a day ago.  We took advantage of the beautiful weather here yesterday and got the yard all cleaned up and had the first fire pit fire of the season.   Today we were back in the high 80's though and after I learned at orientation that Play Camp takes place mostly outside I knew I needed to stock P's drawers with some lighter weight shorts.  All her current shorts are legging style, knit, close to the body and hot.  She takes after her father something fierce when it comes to over heating and can be flushed in minutes in warm weather.  I'm hopeful that having these lightweight woven shorts will help keep her cool while still allowing her to run and play as hard

You win some, you lose some! | Week 24 | #52wonderfilledweeks

It is 1:07pm on Sunday (Father's Day) June 17th, 2018. I just was finally able to take pictures of my week 24 challenge and it is 101 degrees outside...ugh...This week had some wins and losses and the thing I am loving about this challenge is that is has forced me to throw more caution to the wind and try stuff. Even if it means the outcome is a fail and I "waste" materials and time...because in the end I get better every single time. It's just like playing horn. I wouldn't only pick it up for a concert. I wouldn't only take the auditions I knew would result in a win. No I pick it up everyday. I practice, I hone my skills, I work on the craft of being a musician. I play things that are fun and I challenge myself with things I don't do well because I know in the end it makes me a better musician. Maybe because there is no "physical"waste (ie trash, literally) from trial and error on my horn it's easier to throw caution to the wind bu

"Slash and Spread" (it's not what you think!) | Week 23 | #52wonderfilledweeks

My new dress and a cluster of power lines...gotta love living in the city! I am "fluffy".  I love that term, though I don't particularly love actually being "fluffy".  I've been every size under the sun, from a tiny size 4 to, well..."FLUFFY".  I have had three pregnancies and have two beautiful babies and I will get back "there" someday, but in the meanwhile I love that I can make clothes that fit all my "fluffiness".  This week I had planned a woodworking, outdoor related project but it got side lined when we decided to 'shop' for the requisite wood in our stash and ended up organizing under the back of our house.  It really needed to be done and as it turns out we didn't have what we needed so now I can (with a clear conscience) go to the hardware store and buy the needed wood - but the project will have to wait another week.  In the meantime I had a brunch date with some old friends and I couldn

Welcome to EDDYLOW! | Week 22 | #52wonderfilledweeks

Welcome to EDDYLOW! We’re back from our week-long road trip.   The trash can/bag from last week worked like a charm and we survived traveling 2200+ miles with two kids under the age of 4.   Now that our trip is done and over with I am chomping at the bit to get the outdoors of our sweet Chicago bungalow in order for summer.   You know, flowers planted, little touch ups of paint, sweet pieces of whimsy throughout the outside spaces…we have a list of items that we are planning on getting to in the coming weeks, but I needed something easy and quick for this week since we were travelling for most of it.    This DIY doormat was just the ticket.  Our current mat is fine.  It totally works, and has been in its place since we moved in in 2009 but I really  wanted to see if we could upgrade the front steps a bit.  I’ve seen these mats all over my FB Silhouette pages.   I knew I wanted to try one, but I wasn’t so sure what I wanted it to say.   It seemed wronged to waste a completel