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It is 1:07pm on Sunday (Father's Day) June 17th, 2018. I just was finally able to take pictures of my week 24 challenge and it is 101 degrees outside...ugh...This week had some wins and losses and the thing I am loving about this challenge is that is has forced me to throw more caution to the wind and try stuff. Even if it means the outcome is a fail and I "waste" materials and time...because in the end I get better every single time. It's just like playing horn. I wouldn't only pick it up for a concert. I wouldn't only take the auditions I knew would result in a win. No I pick it up everyday. I practice, I hone my skills, I work on the craft of being a musician. I play things that are fun and I challenge myself with things I don't do well because I know in the end it makes me a better musician. Maybe because there is no "physical"waste (ie trash, literally) from trial and error on my horn it's easier to throw caution to the wind but this week I really started to embrace thinking of something and just doing it.

So I'll start with this weeks wins. 

I hit over 35K views on my blog! What? This blog has been viewed over 35,000 times.  I thought that was pretty cool! Now on to the challenge ;)

I loved last week's dress  so much I knew I had to make a tunic version. The flutter sleeve hack was so easy and flattering I decided to try an elbow length flutter sleeve. The resulting shirt is one of my most favorite things I have ever made! I needed something new to wear to P's end of year ceremony and this was perfect. It's of course double brushed poly from Knitpop and while some think DBP can get a little sweaty I love it so far. The way the pattern is drafted the finished product feels light and airy.  The elbow flutter sleeves really are the icing on the cake. This time when I spread the slashes I spread them to 2 full inches apart, resulting in a really full flutter. I would live in this top...until I realized I have more fabric, and so I could just make a bunch of them...and so I did! I also jumped on line and ordered some solid Ivory DBP from Knitpop and a few other goodies. Like the good crafty musician I am I had plenty of black DBP on hand so as soon as my new treasures were washed and dried I got to work. 

I didn't think I would ever love a solid ivory top as much as I love this one!

My least favorite of all the makes, it is a rayon spandex (I think) and it just didn't sew up the way I thought it would. Never less, in hot and humid weather it is perfect and would work well as a beach cover as well!


I love the two floral ones! 

It's sooooo hot! Like ridiculously hot!

The result overall is great! I love how flowing the tops are and with the sleeve hack they are perfect for the outdoor concerts all musicians have to switch over to in the summer. For the past 5 years (at least) every summer I think, oh I'll make a white top I actually like, look good in and feel comfortable and yet every summer goes by and nothing...this year I CAN'T WAIT for the summer concert season to start so I can wear this ultra soft and "flowy" top. I did have some tension issues when hemming them, but I think I was just rushing to finish and nothing a good press can't fix.

I love producing something I know is going to turn out. Once I have a pattern I know works, and that I love, I will often cut several out at once and work on them all in an assembly line style. It felt pretty good to hang up 5 new pieces in my closet today and I felt amazing out at Father's Day Dinner in one of my new tops!

Now for the knew it was coming.  I was trying to Pinterest my way thru Father's Day this year and was inspired by a gift P's teacher had her do in school.  A shrinky dink handprint key chain.  I thought it was great and since Daddy (aka Super) has a million keys I thought it was something we could easily do at home.  I read a few blogs and decided to try it...FAIL...I used the wrong kind of plastic (I was trying to upcycle a raspberry container which was marked as a "1" and apparently you need to use "6") Oh well.  It was really fun watching P get excited to make something for her Dad and I think I will try it again but I might go ahead and just get the right stuff from the craft store next go around!!

The Raspberry container...

She knew exactly what she wanted to draw.

Waiting to see if it worked.

Oops! Oh well! Daddy says he loves it and plans to take it to work anyway.

And then there was this little (actually big) FAIL when working on the deck this week...

Measure twice, cut once...

More on that later...maybe...


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