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Zippered laptop bag? CHECK! | Week 34 | #52wonderfilledweeks

I am super excited about this week's project.  I bought a new laptop in January and knew I wanted to make a custom bag for it almost immediately.  The funny thing is that I have an awesome Eagle Creek bag but I can't find it and it is so padded it's almost too thick for my needs.  See last year for my big 4-0 birthday I treated myself to a black, leather, Coach bag.  This baby holds everything and I love it.  I had been putting my laptop in the bag but I found that papers, crumbs (where do those even come from?) and other random items would wedge themselves between the screen and the keyboard.  What I needed was a nice, thin, laptop envelope to keep it clean while in transit.  I've had this cotton fabric since P was a baby and it's one of my most favorite prints.  I used it on a stroller cover I made her when she was still a wee baby.   I knew that I wanted something thicker than a layer of cotton but not as thick as the lost Eagle Creek bag.  Fortun

Hats for everyone! | Week 33 | #52wonderfilledweeks

I'm in this weird zone right now.  It's technically still summer here in the Midwest until after Labor Day. Super and I agreed years ago that the day after Labor Day is when the fall accouterments and scents can come out! P doesn't start school for three more weeks.  Super is at work but the semester doesn't start for another week...I just always feel a little out of sorts during this time period.  I'm trying to catch up on my summer projects (usually to do with the yard) yet I am looking forward to all things fall.  But since I had my LAST outdoor summer concert this weekend  I feel like summer is basically over, so when I was asked to play that last concert we took advantage of it's location to take a short family beach vacay.  Both kids did great at the beach earlier this summer on our road trip.  I was so looking forward to a relaxing day.  We figured we spend a few hours at our favorite beach followed by pizza at our favorite pizza place and then home...I k