Hats for everyone! | Week 33 | #52wonderfilledweeks

I'm in this weird zone right now.  It's technically still summer here in the Midwest until after Labor Day. Super and I agreed years ago that the day after Labor Day is when the fall accouterments and scents can come out! P doesn't start school for three more weeks.  Super is at work but the semester doesn't start for another week...I just always feel a little out of sorts during this time period.  I'm trying to catch up on my summer projects (usually to do with the yard) yet I am looking forward to all things fall.  But since I had my LAST outdoor summer concert this weekend  I feel like summer is basically over, so when I was asked to play that last concert we took advantage of it's location to take a short family beach vacay.  Both kids did great at the beach earlier this summer on our road trip.  I was so looking forward to a relaxing day.  We figured we spend a few hours at our favorite beach followed by pizza at our favorite pizza place and then home...I knew I wanted to try out the P4P Set Sail Hat again but in a smaller brim size and I had already pulled out the fabrics for not only my new hat but hats for both kiddos.  This was the perfect excuse to whip them up something cute for their noggins.  The only downside is that they likely will not fit next summer as they grow so darn fast!

I finally got a handle on pressing those curved head seams open.  I laid the hat on it's side, flat on the ironing board and pressed the seam open.  

It worked great and opened the seams up enough for me to spread them as I top-stitched later on. 

You get really good at pulling seams apart for top-stitching when you do THREE hats at once!

I played bobbin roulette and WON! Finished this seam just as the bobbin was "winding down" )pun totally intended).

The hats turned out great.  They are a little snug on the kid's heads but I figured that will help keep them on.  I don't love how floppy they are even though I used the recommended interfacing.  I still may experiment with adding some boning or wire to the edges at some point.

We ended up going to a different beach for a few different reasons but the kids had a great time and none of use got sunburned thanks to our ample application of sun screen AND our collection of hats!! 


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