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Felt...who knew?!?!? | Week 39 | #52wonderfilledweeks

I had a light work week this week and so I set a pretty high goal of finishing the kids' Halloween/Coco Party/ Dia de los Muertos party costumes. I would have loved to have wrapped up my costume as well but I just ran out of time. Our big party day is four weeks away and I'm starting to freak out a teensy bit! But getting their costumes finished does feel good and I'm not sure I've had a Halloween as a parent yet where we had our costumes finished a whole month before we needed them. Back in Week 35  I made P her Mama Imelda dress and it turned out great.  I'm  not a fan of face paint (the mess!) and since we are wearing our costumes for several various events the last week of October a mask made the most sense.  Plus P and Bubba can wear them for dress up later on (I'm a big fan of multi purpose projects)! I was torn on how, or rather what medium to make the masks out of and then I saw several different Coco masks on Etsy made from felt.  They looked g

Fall means cardigans! | Week 38 | #52wonderfilledweeks

Meteorological fall was this week and while we were pining for everything pumpkin, clove and cinnamon smelling we started the week with temperatures in the 90's (eye roll). Thankfully we ended the week in the mid to high 60's, much more fall appropriate, so I figured I might as well start on my fall "wardrobe".  I know with the par-tay coming I will get side tracked and next thing it will be winter and I will have missed the whole fall, light jacket, perfect cardigan, jeans weather.  If you remember just a few weeks ago I finally sewed up Patterns for Pirates' Cocoon Cardigan in the cropped version for my recital.  I made no changes to the pattern and I really liked it.  I used a more 'stable' fabric and I really wanted to see what something with more drape would produce since this cardigan is meant to be a slouchy, comfortable sweater.  I had this beautiful flower fabric in double brushed poly from Knitpop (of course) and thought I'd try the full v

Apparently someone really likes mermaids in this house | Week 37 | #52wonderfilledweeks

I thought I would get so much sewing done this week.  P went back to school and I knew I would have almost two hours to myself while Bubba napped but somehow my alone time went *poof*! I had my big recital this week and then other things, like LIFE, happened and I just looked at the clock and it's 7pm Saturday and I only got two things of the several I had planned on! Well...sort of planned on, I had every intention to proceed with the party planning, costume making roll I was on but my favorite pattern company hit 100K members and so they are having a sale and a contest this week.  For every new make you sew up and post to social media between the 10th and the 19th you get a chance to win...and boy do I want to win! It's a whole arsenal of machines that I would just eat up.  I had intended to make P a back to school dress last weekend but she threw a fit (actually one of the biggest fits she's ever thrown) and basically had everything taken away from her so I couldn&#

Recitals are a giant excuse for me to sew fun clothes | Week 36 | #52wonderfilledweeks

This week is short and sweet...simply because the two patterns I whipped up were short and sweet! So easy in fact that I finished them by Wednesday.  I of course had planned to spend the rest of my crafting week on a few other projects but life happened and so I suppose they will get shifted to next week.  I have a recital this week, Dynamic Duo , and besides the excitement of playing some really fun music with some awesome musical colleagues it also gives me the excuse to make myself something nice and NOT black! Well at least half of my make this week wasn't black.  I started with this amazing floral (I think, ITY) from Knitpop .  I had ear marked it for a flirty dress but because the stage I will be playing on is up from the audience I didn't feel comfortable wearing a dress.   I settled on a pattern I've had since it came out and just hadn't found the time to try it out! It is the Pattern for Pirates (P4P) Cocoon Cardigan (they also have the youth version, But

Halloween Costume, Mama Imelda, CHECK! | Week 35 | #52wonderfilledweeks

Eight weeks...EIGHT WEEKS from today we will be hosting our first "kid" birthday party! Eep! Followed by our first Day of the Dead/Wonder's Bday party.  We are so excited but know that there is plenty to do.  P's basically a Halloween baby and we've dressed up pretty much since she arrived.  Growing up we (my family and Super's) went all out for store bought costumes, handmade, and the details mattered.  We all had a blast figuring out what we wanted to be.  My sister and I even set up a scary scene with shadows and a white sheet one year in our front room.  We just loved the fun of everything, and then in 1999 my sister was killed in a freak car accident and I put all my Halloween stuff away...for 14 years...and then P arrived.  She came 14 years to the day that my sister had her accident and it was like I could sort of breath again.  It's given us the go ahead to celebrate our once loved holiday, free from guilt.  So we dressed P as Prince