Fall means cardigans! | Week 38 | #52wonderfilledweeks

Meteorological fall was this week and while we were pining for everything pumpkin, clove and cinnamon smelling we started the week with temperatures in the 90's (eye roll). Thankfully we ended the week in the mid to high 60's, much more fall appropriate, so I figured I might as well start on my fall "wardrobe".  I know with the par-tay coming I will get side tracked and next thing it will be winter and I will have missed the whole fall, light jacket, perfect cardigan, jeans weather.  If you remember just a few weeks ago I finally sewed up Patterns for Pirates' Cocoon Cardigan in the cropped version for my recital.  I made no changes to the pattern and I really liked it.  I used a more 'stable' fabric and I really wanted to see what something with more drape would produce since this cardigan is meant to be a slouchy, comfortable sweater.  I had this beautiful flower fabric in double brushed poly from Knitpop (of course) and thought I'd try the full version of the Cocoon, WITH pockets!!

I was super excited but knew from my stalking of the Facebook group that it can look a little big and tend to drown shorties so I made the decision to accommodate for my height (or lack there of) when I traced the full pattern out.  Since the pattern is drafted for someone 5'5" and I am 5'2" I went ahead and took 1.5" out of the bodice.  I traced the pattern in my size and once I had it cut out I matched the bottom of the bodice pieces (front and back) and measured up from the hem line to take out the required amount.  I wanted to make sure I took from approximately the same area on the front and back.  Lucky me must have chose the exact right spot because I actually did not have to redraw any of the pattern! Since I took out 1.5" from the bodice I also made my long collar pieces shorter by 1.5" inches as well. I didn't change the width of the back piece and so left that measurement as is indicated in the pattern.  

Sometimes I don't know if something is really a "quick" sew or it's just that I do it so often now things just go faster but this came together really quickly.  I was super excited about the addition of the pockets.  I'm not a fan of "patch pockets" so I chose the "inseam" option.  I found it helpful to mark the pivot point with a pin so I knew exactly where to pivot when sewing the front to the back and finishing the pockets.  With the pin there, there is no guess work as where to stop and turn.


I also really loved the tip to sew the corners with the sewing machine first and then "skim" the corners and with a serger if you want the finished look of a serger.

Unfortunately when it was said and done I hated the pockets.  Oh don't get me wrong, I loved wearing the cardigan and having pockets but they never lay right, and when I would remove my hand or an item they would bunch up funny.

The pattern recomends tacking the pocket to the inside seam where the band is sewn to the bodice but the pocket doesn't really meet there...it's about 4 inches too short so if you do that then it pulls the whole cardigan funny.

In the above photo the right side (my left) has been tacked down and you can see how much it pulls without anything in the pocket even! I experimented with different places to tack and it just never laid right and so ultimately I decided to throw it on my serger and just serge the pockets off!! (I know I cried a little too!) But in the end I really, really, love this pattern.  I was hesitant because I thought it would drown me (even though I am fluffy), and longer things on my shorter frame can add problems if you know what I mean...but taking out that little bit really helped the pattern fit to my frame.  The drapier fabric lays beautifully and it was perfect to wear on a family outing to the zoo.  

I also hit a crafty mom life goal this week when P asked to craft along with me while I sewed! LEVEL UP!!!

Could she BE any cuter?? She was so proud of the various bracelets and necklaces she made and was really good at making (and sticking to) different patterns and colors of beads.  I really can't wait to show her how to sew (yes, she's been asking me for about a year now!)!!!

This is our most favorite time of year so I anticipate the next few weeks to be busier between the fall music season getting into full swing, school is in full swing, we have two birthdays (and celebrations this year) and then there's all the fall family outings we have on the docket.  I have so many other projects and ideas I am starting to think I may have to just continue with this challenge next year...am I crazy? ... MAYBE but I'm loving this creative outlet.


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