Recitals are a giant excuse for me to sew fun clothes | Week 36 | #52wonderfilledweeks

This week is short and sweet...simply because the two patterns I whipped up were short and sweet! So easy in fact that I finished them by Wednesday.  I of course had planned to spend the rest of my crafting week on a few other projects but life happened and so I suppose they will get shifted to next week. 

I have a recital this week, Dynamic Duo, and besides the excitement of playing some really fun music with some awesome musical colleagues it also gives me the excuse to make myself something nice and NOT black! Well at least half of my make this week wasn't black.  I started with this amazing floral (I think, ITY) from Knitpop.  I had ear marked it for a flirty dress but because the stage I will be playing on is up from the audience I didn't feel comfortable wearing a dress.   I settled on a pattern I've had since it came out and just hadn't found the time to try it out! It is the Pattern for Pirates (P4P) Cocoon Cardigan (they also have the youth version, Butterfly Cardigan).  I choose the cropped option for more of a bolero jacket style and short sleeves.  I thought it would be striking over all black and since my partner on this recital choose an all black dress with a sparkled bodice I thought the jacket would dress up an all black tank (RTW but if I have time I'll make a new and better fitting one of those too) and long pants.  But then I wasn't in love with my current black pants and had been eyeing P4P's Palazzo Pant pattern for a while and since the cardigan sewed up in an afternoon I thought there was no better time than the present to try the pants out.  I had some yardage of black double brushed poly laying around and within a nap time I had myself some SUPER comfortable, custom fit, black palazzo pants.  They feel like pajama pants but everyone I asked about them (I wore them for a test run at today's gig) thought they looked great.  I do have an idea to sew a tiny seam down the front to give them a "iron pressed" look.  But I haven't decided if I want to do that just yet.  I feel really good in this outfit and that (believe it or not) is soooo important when performing. The last thing you want to be thinking about when you're on stage in front of lots of people is how uncomfortable your clothes are!


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