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Packing a punch with paper | Week 43 | #52wonderfilledweeks

It's Monday night, so I am twenty four hours behind on this week's blog, but I'm going to give myself a pass since I hosted TWO pretty awesome parties yesterday.  More on those in NEXT week's blog but I wanted to share an old decorating standby that I used to dress up our living space for our Dia de los Muertos celebration.  As you may be aware, using marigolds and marigold petals on the ofrenda and when decorating your alter, are suppose to help guide our ancestors back to us.  I've used tissue paper flowers for several events I've hosted and while I love the ease (and the price) struggle with the fine line of them looking "cheap".  Regardless I knew I needed to drench our home in the bright orange color and using real marigolds was well out of our budget.  So I went revisited the old stand by and couldn't be happier! I ordered this pack of tissue paper on Amazon  and ended up only using about 1/2 to 2/3rds of the package.  I probably got jus

One week to go...Picado's all a-glow | Week 42 | #52wonderfilledweeks

Another week down and we're suddenly a week away from our big double, Dia de la Muertos party.  I was determined this week to finish up everything we had planned for P's Coco bday party.  When you think of a Day of the Dead party you probably envision an out door affair with lots of lights, candles, food, marigolds (lots and lots of those!) and Papel Picado ! We knew from day one that we would have papel picado and tissue marigolds as decorations at both parties...but we waffled for a while on how we would to the picado...I had settled on ordering tissue paper and having P help me cut them ourselves...but as the weeks went by and P's party evolved into a black light, Land of the Dead, theme we opted to still make them ourselves but with the Cameo.  The first problem we encountered was getting paper that was black light responsive.  I won't bore you with the details but let's just say not everything will glow under a black light...I went through no less than 5 dif

DIY Piñata - ala Disney's Coco | Week 41 | #52wonderfilledweeks

Looks awesome right? Read to the end to see it all lit up under a black-light! If you've ever wondered why we don't throw big parties yearly for ourselves or our kids here's your answer...we tend to take a theme and really run with it...over the top doesn't begin to cover it.  That said, P's Land of the Dead, Coco party is going to be epic and I seriously cannot wait to see her face when she sees it all put together.  I had a light playing week so I was bound and determined to knock out as much as I could for her party.  You'll see it all when I post party pictures but I thought I would share with you the big project for this week...which turned out to be the easiest and cheapest project I've done so far for this birthday bash...really, less than $10 (even less for me since I had everything on hand already except for the tissue paper) and maybe an hour of my time.   But first...just when you think things are ticking along you get the bright idea