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When Super and I got married 18 years ago I planned every detail of our wedding...from several thousand miles away from where it would take place and on a very tight budget.  I had many people make fun of how organized and detailed I was but I was super happy that I took the time to draw out the exact layout of the tables, centerpieces and balloon arrangements for two different possible scenarios depending on the weather.  When all was said and done I had people mention to me that I should look into event planning as a career.  I considered it again this week as I fell deeper and deeper into planning our upcoming b-day parties.  I love planning all the details, the excites me...I'm weird, I know.  So we decided this week to make P's party a Land of the Dead theme from the Disney movie, Coco.  The plan is to change out all the bulbs downstairs to black-light responsive bulbs and play games and dance and be crazy while glowing! With that in mind we forged ahead with more party prep.  But first here's my completed felt Dante mask!! I think once I add my crazy colored cardigan it will all pull together!

I had to get the invites out this week so I grabbed an image that P approved of from the internet, photo shopped out the background and used my Coco font to add all the details!

Of course since I designed and printed the invitations at home I didn't have any envelopes that would I broke out the Cameo and downloaded an envelope SVG. I added the "leafy" detail to match the Coco logo. This SVG file will cut the envelope as well as an additional liner piece.  I chose orange to make it pop and tie in with the orange marigolds that are prominent in the movie and will be here as well!

Envelope bodies and liners all cut.  It scored the fold lines making the actual construction very very easy!

I folded the top and bottom of the envelope body and the liner before I glued them together.

I found it was easy to line up the liner and then fold down the top and add the glue (in this case I was using a scrap-booking glue that is like white out tape and rolls on).

Once the glue was rolled on I folded the top down and over the liner.

Then I folded up the bottom of the liner and applied glue under it.

With the liner glued in place I folded in the sides of the envelope and added glue down the sides.

Flip up the bottom of the envelope and we're all done! Once I got into a groove of getting these cut and peeled off the mat it was super fast.  It would have been even faster if I hadn't added the extra detail on the back but I love how it turned out.

Next up was a biggie...if you've been to any party lately you know that "photo booths" are totally in.  P's preschool teacher has had a backdrop and props at all of her school parties and celebrations and the kids (and adults) love it.  I knew we needed to try and do one for our parties.  I did use my Cameo for this but if you don't have one you can still make these! For both sets I ordered PDF files thru Etsy. They were each around $6 (a steal if you ask me!) Both downloads came with cut lines so you can print from home and cut out with scissors, so if you don't have a fancy schmancy machine please don't let that sway you from trying this project!! I used this project as a way to learn how to use the "PRINT & CUT" feature on my machine...worked like a charm.  ***I should also add that I tweaked both of the files I bought, I didn't like some of the lines that were around the images and since I have and use the software needed to make these changes I took the time to make them exactly the way I wanted.***

Once I had my files the way I wanted them I opened them in Silhouette Studio. Under the "Page Setup" tab select "Current Printer" for the size. Then the select the "Registration Marks" tab and scroll down to "Type 1".  You can play with the sliders to make the registration marks and area bigger or smaller BUT it will never let you utilize the entire page.  I did find a work around for my images that were larger than the cutting area the registrations marks allowed...more on that below.  

Once you're happy with your design you simply select "Send to Printer" from the top left of the screen and it will print your image, with the registration marks to your preferred printer! You can see the marks on my image above.

Then you'll load your image onto your mat and send the image to cut. You want to make sure to select the "Cut Edge" option.  Because you have registration marks your machine will scan the image for those markings and will then cut it out...PERFECTLY! I was so excited!

There is a learning curve of course...but once you figure out what works for you there are soooo many things you could make, easier, with this tool!

I mentioned above that it will not cut past the registration marks...but it will I went ahead on my larger designs and printed past the marks.  When it cut it basically just started and stopped at those edges.  I would carefully weed the paper off the mat and then hand cut these edges. It was a little tedious but it worked.

I cut the same file out of black for the backs of the masks.  I wanted them to be as sturdy as possible.

I used the same craft bond scrap-booking glue to glue the two sides together for the first set and then switched to the purple Elmer's glue sticks when I ran out.  I haven't noticed any difference so far in performance...

I pressed them under this large cutting board as I glued them to make sure they were nice and stuck.

Then it was just a line of hot glue on the back and some 1/8" dowels for handles.

My next issue was how to display them. I want all our guests to see their options and give the masks their best chance at surviving the night! So I ran to the garage and grabbed a 2"x 4".  Some quick measurements, a drill, a chop saw and a swipe with the sander and I was all set!

P was so impressed to see all the masks together.  She is so excited to take photos with her friends and couldn't help try a few out!

The last project this week was to make the "Pin the Tail" game...well it was suppose to be pin the tail on Dante, but Super had an awesome idea and suggested we "Pin the TONGUE" on him instead! HA! If you're familiar with the movie you know how appropriate this is!  I quickly altered my bought file and grabbed some neon paper to cut out my pieces.

Cutting out the pieces.  I wanted them as big as I could get on a sheet of paper.

It's all in the details! P watched me painstakingly glue the green dots on!

Once I had everything glued together I laminated all the pieces so we could use them again! I worked perfect.  Also...don't look at the tongues upside down...I would have never seen it if I hadn't turned one when I was cutting out the laminate! LOL

Still lots to do for the parties but we are getting excited and I can't wait to show everyone the final outcome in a few weeks!


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