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I may be "biased" but... | Week 47 | #52wonderfilledweeks

I am, like, totally in love with my new living room pillows...but I may be a little biased! HA! See what I did there?? I have been sitting on this project for years...I mean YEARS!!! A little back story - Super and I had been married for eight and a half years before we ever owned a proper couch.  For those first eight years we had a futon as our couch and used regular sleeping pillows as the couch pillows.  A little ghetto but it worked and it was cheap but we eventually decided to adult and saved up the money to buy an actual couch the Christmas before we bought our house.  We chose the Ektorp from IKEA and we still have that couch! (We added the love seat after we bought our house.) After we painted our living room green in the house I knew I needed new living room pillows...this was probably about 2011..between the color not coordinating and our cats using them as "fun bags" they needed to be replaced.  But the years went by and I kept putting it off.  I knew in my m

If at first you don't succeed... | Week 46 | #52wonderfilledweeks

I'm back! On time!! Woo hoo!!! I have such a large list of things I still want to make this year and the weeks are dwindling away...this is Week 46...which means I only have 6, SIX(!!!) weeks left in my #52wonderfilledweeks challenge.  How crazy is that? This week's project is admittedly simple, BUT, so needed.  We live in a 1920's Chicago, brick bungalow.  We love this house.  The wood accents, the plaster walls, the old skeleton keyed doors.  But when the weather changes the house shifts and some doors don't stay shut.  Well, okay, ONE door doesn't stay shut.  It's the door from our kitchen into my horn studio which is the old back door to the house.  The door doesn't actually latch anymore...and come to think of it I could probably take the old lock off and see if I could fix it...I guess I'll add that to the house list.  In the meantime we've just dealt with it.  It's not really an issue unless we have guests staying with us because that is w

Peek-a-boo! Lace see thru | Week 45 | #52wonderfilledweeks

I am still behind in my blog but so determined to get back on schedule this week.   I'm starting to get my energy back after being laid out flat sick for a week. I had a few light days this week which helped immensely, and I finally got my studio back together after our party so I was pretty excited to get back to creating.  I've had the idea for this top for about three months.  As a musician I am always on the look out for new "concert black".  I sort of feel bad that the men in my field have to dress so "formal" a good portion of the time...but then I think they don't have to put much thought in what they wear, whereas women have to put outfits together and might get a few looks if they wore the same things several days (concerts) in a row.  I bought a bunch of lace over the summer for some under garments and straps and I started thinking about ways I could incorporate it into some of my wardrobe makes for concerts.  So I took the easiest pattern ev

Long live Blacklights, Pinatas and Taquitos! | Week 44 | #52wonderfilledweeks

WOW.  Let me say that again. WOW.  The parties were AWESOME...and I have to admit that I stole the title for this blog entry from a friend in attendance at P's "Land of the Dead" Coco really was that fun.  Unfortunately I burned the candle at both ends for a few to many days and I came down with both Strep AND an ear infection, just in time for my birthday...and I have been in bed for about three days straight with the exception of a concert, an audition and a rehearsal! I'm finally able to be upright for longer periods and I am determined to get this #52wonderfilledweeks challenge back on track. I had a few little projects to take care of for our kids party.  I'll share those projects first but be sure to read all the way to the bottom to see how it all came off (spoiler alert, AMAZING). If you missed the previous posts you can catch up here: One week to go, Picado's all a glow! DIY PiƱata - ala Disney's Coco Paper, glue and do