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Challenge COMPLETED! | Week 52 | #52wonderfilledweeks

O Cameo! O Cameo! How easy you make my projects!!! It's week 52...FIFTY TWO!!! There are not enough exclamation points to express how freaking proud I am of myself.  I made it.  I created something every week this year, took photos and posted each about it.  I was certain I would stop at the end of this year but I think I may, MAY, continue in the new year.  I have haven't actually decided yet...what I do know is that I will obviously keep creating (I still have a list of projects that I never got to this year) and will post when I do...but I'll figure out the details later. A round up of projects and my reflections on what I learned to come! This week was all about my Cameo again.  I took a well deserved break after our amazing Coco party but I needed to make the "Something to wear" for Bubba for Christmas so I got it back out.  We tried (and successfully stuck to) the "Something they want, Something they need, Something to wear and Something to read

Every boy needs a bow-tie! | Week 51 | #52wonderfilledweeks

So my grand plan was to finish both kid's Christmas outfits for LAST week's challenge post but with the busy gigging season it just didn't happen.  I shared P's dress and hair bow for Week 50 and on Monday I whipped up Bubba's outfit.  His took a little longer because I had not made this pattern before.  Originally I was going to make him a vest, but then I saw all these cute little boys in "sweater vests" and knew he had to have one.  Thankfully the Dashing Vest from Love Notions was not only a FREE download it also had a "pullover" hack on their blog.  Overall it went together okay but I am still need more work on my "V" neck construction.  I did the "cheater" "V" neck (it overlaps) and I like how it looks but I really want to get my "V" to be more crisp on the shirt.  After trying a few times I left his as it was but I did look up some tips on the interwebs and am looking forward to trying i

Christmas time is here! | Week 50 | #52wonderfilledweeks

Whoa...first...thanks to everyone who visited the site last week...the free tag download got over 1200 hits! That's amazing, and I am so happy I was able to help people out! This week was busy that I am again posting on a first "day off" (as in I don't HAVE to be anywhere or PLAY anything) in the last 9 days.  It's definitely that "time of year" for a musician.  In the past 9 days I have had four rehearsals and 8 concerts...on top of the whole keep the kids alive and happy, prepare for Christmas visitors, finish gifts and package them to be mailed and keeping up with my practicing for some exciting things coming in the first part of the new year!  I'm feeling stretched pretty thin...and I am just looking toward the finish line  -  the end of the year for me.   This week I had planned on sewing up both the kids' Santa/Christmas outfits but with everything going on it was impossible.  HOWEVER, I was able to get P'

Thanks, it has a POCKET! | Week 49 | #52wonderfilledweeks

We're just about in full Christmas chaos mode here.  After a lot of debate we decided to put the tree up sans gate...I'll let you know how that ends in a few days...Bubba is (rightfully so) enamored with the lights so I'm not sure we will even do any actual ornaments. It is pretty fun to see him and his sister get excited about the magic of the we just need some SNOW! Back to this week's challenge.  I have to be careful about what I share since I am doing some Christmas sewing but this weeks challenge sort of came up when I wanted to get a gift for P's preschool teacher.  I was going to get her a small gift card but then Patterns for Pirates started their, Holiday Freebies and the Zippered Pocket Infinity Scarf peaked my interest.  (BTW her sister's page, Made for Mermaids also does holiday freebies...check them out!) I already have an infinity scarf I made a few years ago and I love it in the winter.  Mine is huge compared to the