Every boy needs a bow-tie! | Week 51 | #52wonderfilledweeks

So my grand plan was to finish both kid's Christmas outfits for LAST week's challenge post but with the busy gigging season it just didn't happen.  I shared P's dress and hair bow for Week 50 and on Monday I whipped up Bubba's outfit.  His took a little longer because I had not made this pattern before.  Originally I was going to make him a vest, but then I saw all these cute little boys in "sweater vests" and knew he had to have one.  Thankfully the Dashing Vest from Love Notions was not only a FREE download it also had a "pullover" hack on their blog. 

Overall it went together okay but I am still need more work on my "V" neck construction.  I did the "cheater" "V" neck (it overlaps) and I like how it looks but I really want to get my "V" to be more crisp on the shirt.  After trying a few times I left his as it was but I did look up some tips on the interwebs and am looking forward to trying it out on the next one.  

The other issue I ran into was that the plaid liverpool I used for P's dress really didn't have enough stretch to be the bands on Bubba's vest.  I made one neck band and got it half sewn on before I realized that it wasn't going to work...break out the seam ripper...sigh.  From then out I measured the length I needed for the neck, armbands and waist and just took an inch off.  That seemed to work okay.  I guess the benefit of sewing for your kids is that they won't be in those clothes long since they grow so freaking fast.  We had one, ONE, day to get the kids down to see our favorite Santa here in Chicago.  Between gigs, Daddy's work and incoming visitors our time was limited.  

I managed to finish the vest the morning of our visit and decided for sure that he absolutely needed a matching bow-tie.   There is a great freebie on Patterns for Pirates with pieces and a tutorial.  I followed that and cut out and sewed TWO ties.  One in the Christmas plaid and one in the black liverpool.  I wanted options.  So it took me just under an hour and a half but I managed to get both done and it was totally worth it.  

Even though I measured Bubba's neck (per the pattern) the strap was still too big but I added velcro so the upside is that he will have these ties for a few years to come.  I think they totally make the outfit.  

We had a minor meltdown while waiting for Santa...and another while on his lap...but I got one, perfect, shot of our little man in his outfit in between.  I think it's my most favorite picture of him to date.

I can't wait to make my cardigan for Christmas Day!! At this rate though I'm thinking our Christmas PJ's are going to be New Years PJ's...and that's okay...this is how new traditions begin right? LOL

Here's some more pictures...because I just can't get enough of them!


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