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Valentine Stained Glass Window Decor

It's January 29th and the outside temperature here in Chicago is 7 degrees with a feels like (aka windchill) of -11!! That's pretty chilly but tomorrow we have a predicted high of -23 with a windchill of  up to -40.  This project is a PERFECT one to do with those littles who have been or will be stuck inside for a few days!! I bet you have almost everything on hand and if not you can spend $5 at the dollar store and have supplies for DAYS. I was first introduced to this project when we visited Mackinac Island a few summers ago. They used paper plates with the centers cut out and a single layer of wax paper to attach the tissue paper to.  We usually use two layers of wax paper and the "frame" so it looks finished on both sides of the stained glass.   Supplies:  - Paper, paper plate, paper bag, construction paper...anything that is big enough to cut your frame or border from.  (We used brown paper packaging from our many Amazon deliveries.  I sa

If you're thankful you should show it...

I've had the idea to add a thankful jar to our house for a while but in true Wonder fashion I wanted to wait until the new year...(I like clean and definitive starts to things - lol).  We noticed our daughter is always looking for the "next" thing and somewhat unappreciative of the toys and opportunities she has.  Don't get me wrong, she is a GREAT kid, but with all the commercial and materialism out there it's a hard road to navigate, especially for the little ones.  I proposed the idea of the thankful jar at the beginning of December and we wrote down what we were thankful for the first two weeks of the new year but I just now finished the jar. What is a thankful jar? It's a jar where you keep slips of paper where you jot down what you are thankful for.  Simple right? Some people do it everyday for a month, some only once a month.  For us we decided that we would each write down one thing we were thankful for or something that made us smile each week in

New year means new PJ's!

Last year (I'm talking about Christmas 2017) I made the kids and myself matching PJ's.  I love how they turned out and I really loved the family photo we got in them! These PJ's were some of the inspiration for starting the #52wonderfilledweeks challenge.  This year I had every intention of doing the same but work (horn playing) and other commitments (family)  kept piling up and our Christmas PJ's turned into New Years PJ's and then I missed that deadline too! I did manage to make both P and Bubba new jammies the first week of 2019 but still haven't made my coordinating set yet...I guess you could say this is one of those "learning to let go" moments! Part of the reason it took me so long to get these done this year was that I was torn on what pattern to use.  P has fallen in love with night gowns (of course she is all pink and princesses all the time).  I had planned to tweak a pattern I already had to fit the bill but I just wasn't

Happy New Year! Reflections and what's next...

I struggled at the end of last year trying to decide if I would continue with the #52wonderfilledweeks challenge in 2019.  That's to say, I couldn't decide if I wanted to hold myself to a weekly timeline for completing, photographing, writing and posting projects in 2019.  I thought I might continue on that timeline until reality set in and I realized that I have so many more things in my life I want to just probably isn't realistic to add that kind of stress to another year of my life. The upside to this is that I could potentially post more often as smaller projects are often completed much quicker than in a week.  I have ton of ideas for this new year but before I thrown them out at you all I want to reflect on what I learned over the course of my #52wonderfilledweekschallenge of 2018. As of January 9th, 2019 my little blog has been viewed over 80,000 times!!! What??? Let that sink in...I'm flattered that people have found something of interest and val