Valentine Stained Glass Window Decor

It's January 29th and the outside temperature here in Chicago is 7 degrees with a feels like (aka windchill) of -11!! That's pretty chilly but tomorrow we have a predicted high of -23 with a windchill of  up to -40.  This project is a PERFECT one to do with those littles who have been or will be stuck inside for a few days!! I bet you have almost everything on hand and if not you can spend $5 at the dollar store and have supplies for DAYS.

I was first introduced to this project when we visited Mackinac Island a few summers ago. They used paper plates with the centers cut out and a single layer of wax paper to attach the tissue paper to.  We usually use two layers of wax paper and the "frame" so it looks finished on both sides of the stained glass.  


 - Paper, paper plate, paper bag, construction paper...anything that is big enough to cut your frame or border from.  (We used brown paper packaging from our many Amazon deliveries.  I save all the brown paper packing for projects and coloring paper.)

- Tissue paper (you can buy tissue paper at the dollar store or save and use tissue paper from gifts recieved!)

- Glue (I've used Elmers white glue, you'll want to be able to spread it around...but I think in a pinch you could also use a glue stick)

- wax paper

Decide what shape you want to make your stained glass.  We've done circles, leafs and now hearts.  I used my Cameo to cut out the hearts but you can of course free hand any shape that has a large opening.  I cut two hearts for each stained glass piece.  The brown paper I was using was pretty thin so I cut the cardstock on my machine and then traced the heart onto the brown paper and cut by hand.  

After I cut out the inside of the hearts I glued wax paper to the heart border.

I you want to avoid the "bubbling" you can use a brush to spread the glue, but I was lazy and just used it straight from the bottle for this part.

After you have wax paper on each heart I trimmed the outside of the "glass".

For this project I choose three colors, red, hot pink and light pink.  I folded the tissue paper up and cut into strips and then the strips into pieces about an inch by an inch. By they way, I used less than one sheet of each color and we had tons of pieces left if you do have to buy paper know that you will have extra for future projects.

Now the fun part! I poured some glue into an old yogurt container and let the kiddo paint the inside of the heart with the glue then add as many pieces of tissue paper as her heart desired (get it?!?!)!  

When you're done adding your color you can paint glue on an empty heart with wax and glue to the back side making both sides of your masterpiece finished! I set ours under some books to help flatten them out.  When they are dry punch a hole and hang! When the sun filters through they really have a life of their own! 

Now if that doesn't warm your heart I don't know what will!! What are some of your favorite indoor, kill time, kiddo projects?


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