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Out of the ashes and right back into the fire - embracing failure | This WONDERfilled Life

You can't see it in the photo but I know it's there...a giant mistake...and it took everything to a) wear my mistake b) not make a big deal out of it c) not point it out to everyone at the party... Let me first say that I have really missed my weekly deadline...and I may go back to my weekly posts just for my own sanity.  I loved having a deadline to use as an excuse to persevere through projects and make things happen.  I enjoyed the time to myself to write weekly.  Since Bubba started classes in January it's been a little more hectic.  We have only one day a week where there is nothing scheduled...unless I have a gig or rehearsal, which has totally been the case this I guess if I am really thinking about it I haven't had a day off or TWO in a row in a while and maybe that's why I FEEL so stinking busy.  I haven't been writing as much but I actually HAVE been crafting...I hand crafted cards for birthdays and made decals as gifts...I made a