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Trash on the go - Part Deaux | This WONDERfilled Life

Trash on the go - Part DEAUX from sad to functional I've been out of sorts this spring and I can't quite put my finger on why.  If I had to guess I think I may have spread myself to thin again...and now that summer is officially here (P graduated preschool last Friday) I am anxious to get back into a better daily routine.  That routine of course involves playing my horn and making all the things .  Funny thing is that I have actually made several things in the past weeks but was too busy to write about them, but I am determined to update my blog and it starts today...remember Week 21 in last year's #52wonderfilledweeks challenge?? It was a custom trash can for our car in preparation for our first, long, family road trip.  It was great until the kids kept kicking it and throwing things on top of it rather than in it, and eventually it crumpled over and collapsed.  Everyday this past school year I'd look at it and just grumble under my breath, 'add that