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Home projects are just real life dominoes | Outdoor Chalkboard DIY | This WONDERfilled Life

If you’re just tuning into ‘this WONDERfilled life’ it's important that you know that we live in the city…like we live IN the city, the city of Chicago…so going from growing up in Alaska to living in a very extremely urban setting has been hard.   We miss our green space but we miss our privacy most (houses in general are not this close to each other where we grew up).   When we bought our home there were TWO things that we needed and considered non-negotiable…a fire place (wood burning preferred) and a garage.   Eddylow had neither... *sigh* We dealt with the no fireplace by buying an electric unit a few years after we moved in, it doesn’t have the sound or smell of a real fire but it gets the job of ambiance done fairly well.   The garage was a bigger feat. The yard was ready for a garage (meaning it didn’t have one) but the yard was encompassed by a 3 foot chain link fence…that offered no privacy and quite honestly no security.   We knew what we wanted to do but we also