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I am (and I am cringing as I type this) cautiously optimistic about the future.  I think almost eight weeks of isolation has been enough of a pity party and I have decided to try and actually get some things, REAL things accomplished.  I've been sitting on several blog posts since last year and what better time to get them out to the world than right now! I have some time, you have some time...maybe you'll be inspired to create something? Stranger things eh?

So, one of my most favorite things about crafting is HELPING others to learn that they too can in fact be as crafty as me...I think because I am a musician I understand more easily that anything you want to do in life is absolutely attainable with practice.  I have literally been practicing crafting since I was P's age...I have amassed all the cool tools, read various blogs, soaked in the info and most importantly tried and failed at many, many projects.  So when I have folks come to me and ask me to make something for them I will almost 100% of the time say no.  I don't sew for others, only my family, BUT I will always offer to help a person make something.  I will offer my time and the tools I have if they need, especially if the project or idea involves a kid.  I think it's so important for people of all ages to think of something and see it thru to the end, especially gives them such a sense of pride when they get to the end.  Will most become avid makers like myself? Probably not, but they will know when they see that handcrafted bag at the next farmers market they're at that the price point includes many years of practice, knowledge, trial and error and first hand expertise.  It's like Super.  He teaches music theory...most of his students will not go into music as a full time career for one reason or another...but it doesn't matter because each of those students now go out into the world with more knowledge about music and the work that goes into it.  A greater appreciation for something is pretty priceless. 

ANYWAYS...(I'm sitting out side so I am finding myself pontificating a bit).  Last fall some friends of mine texted asking it I would make their sons Halloween costume.  He had drawn out his dream costume, a fire skeleton, and would I have time to make it.   "No" I said, "But if you come here one weekend we can do it together", and would you believe they were like, "Heck yes!". 


G had already sketched out his idea...and his mom, Meade, had texted me his drawing and a photo of him wearing the mask he had already made. 

I gave them a few options. 

1) I could draw the skeleton in Illustrator and we could cut out a stencil on the Cameo and then he could paint the bones and fire onto his costume.

2) We could scan in HIS drawings and cut out a stencil and paint.

3) We could do either option but cut out HTV (Heat Transfer Vinyl) and iron it on and he'd leave my house with a completed costume. 

They choose the HTV and to use his own drawings...I loved it! They bought the supplies including some glow-in-the-dark HTV and headed over one afternoon.

I prepared the file ahead of time by scanning the photos that Meade had sent, I made them black and white and traced them in the Silhouette Studio. From there it was pretty easy, cut, weed and iron on!


G was pretty stoked about the final product and I have to admit so was I! 

They left the extra vinyl with us so I made P and her one of her besties, B, matching bday shirts since they're Halloween-ish babies. Now I want to make all the things glow-in-the-dark! HA!



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