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Jumping on the Outdoor Movie Bandwagon| This WONDERfilled Life

It's June 2020 and the weather in Chicago has gotten nice again...and since we're all still under a "Stay at Home" (SAH) order we're taking full advantage of our back yard and I'm taking advantage of the relative quiet (kids are playing with each other instead of constantly calling my name) to catch up on more blog post from last fall! One of the latest crazes in the back yard living is the "outdoor" movie experience.  Last summer we decided to jump on the band wagon.  We had a really cheap projector that crapped out on us so we upgraded to this  View Sonic  during Prime Days last summer. Once we saw what this projector could do we got to work on figuring out how to enjoy the warm summer nights in our urban oasis. We originally had a white Ikea sheet hung on two tension rods (also Ikea) between two of the support columns on our patio. But the screen was too small, HA! We just kept thinking...what's the point...if we're doing this