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Vivo! (And I don’t mean the tempo marking.) | This WONDERfilled Life

It’s fall 2021, and I can’t believe we’re still in this mess of a pandemic.  That aside, our lives have sort of resumed something that looks like our life pre-COVID.  Both kids are back in in-person school, and while Super is still teaching from home my orchestral/music work is picking up steadily, though with heavy health protocols (which I am totally okay with). So we thought we’d try and get our outdoor theater up and running, if only for one night and a tiny amount of guests.  Netflix’s animated film, VIVO , came out a few weeks ago and it’s been a HIT here, but then pretty much anything LMM (Lin-Manuel Miranda) does is a hit here…ask me about my current Hamilton obsession! Annnny ways…we decided to just hold a small backyard movie night, and you know I can’t just have people over for something like that.  I have to make it an experienced even just a little one.  Given more time, I had some MAJOR plans for the backyard, which included a kids “Mambo Cubana” Club with lights and the