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Remember in 2018 when I started my own challenge, lovingy referred to as #52wonderfilledweeks? That was such a great and creative year for me.  I love challenges. Super always says I’m an “I’ll show you” type person and I’d have to agree that can be a great motivator for me.  The #52wonderfilledweeks challenge was based on creating ANYTHING on a weekly basis and then blogging about it.  Projects ranged from sewing and mending to painting and wood working.  I had a long-ish list of things I wanted to try and so I really had no problem finding things to make that year…half way thru I stumbled across the #52weeksewingchallenge facebook group.  Basically the same concept only it’s sewing only (as described as using needle and thread on fabric) and they (the admins) put together a list of themes for each week.  You can accept the challenge or go rouge, either way you submit your makes and are entered to win all sorts of fun things weekly or at the end of the whole year.  Since I was already doing a challenge I never entered but I’ve stayed in the group and this year thought it might be a great opportunity to challenge my self again in a different way.  I feel pretty overwhelmed these days with everyone still at home a lot of the time.  Thinking of what to make each week on my own just added to the heaviness of things so I really loved the idea of making something that fits what someone else decided. So I am planning *enter requisite, as long as I am able to, caveat here* this year.  I’ve already finished and entered both week 1 and 2 and have the tentative plans for weeks 3 and 4 all set (just have to check my supplies).  While I may blog about some sews I probably won’t for each and everyone since…COVID + Kids + Puppy + Horn = little to no time but will try and at least post picts here as I complete things.  

If you’d like to check out the challenge and read about it you can find their FB group HERE and you can find all the info for the 2022 challenge in the files sections or at these links: PDF of Sewing Challenges with room for notes, Excel File of Sewing Challenges, PDF of Sewing Challenges List only

WEEK 1 - Sew your oldest or newest fabric

I chose to use a newer fabric from one of my favorite sources, Knitpop. This is a ribbed knit.  Not a lot of recovery but it does make a great turtleneck! The pattern is the “Hepburn Top and Dress” from Patterns for Pirates. I love me a good turtleneck.  This pattern fit really well.  I did the split hem but I don’t love it so I think on my next one I will just do a traditional hem. I love the set in sleeve verses a dropped sleeve/dolman style.  I really want to mash a Hepburn with a slim fit raglan and hope to try that soon.  I have a ready to wear (RTW) shirt like that and I really really love the fit.  All in all this was a definite WIN!

WEEK 2 - Sew something with a button or zipper

I have had the idea for this project literally for years…like even before the big C-19.  I had these blackout pink curtains in my office and when I washed them I stupidly put them in the dryer on high and the blackout material melted and stuck to itself…the result was that I could see the damage when the sun hit the back of the curtain and so I had to take them down.  P loves pink so I thought it might work to repurpose the fabric and make her a “stuffy ball”. So the panels have been sitting in my craft area for way too long…until week two and “something with a zipper” popped up.  I seriously can’t believe I waited on making this…this one is so stinking EASY.  I used the “Stuffy Ball” pattern from another favorite pattern company, Ellie and Mac.  They had even updated the pattern file to include a projector file, which made this already quick make even faster. Bubba has already claimed it as his own, as he thinks it’s for him to play in…either way…week 2 was also a WIN! Yay!

Hopefully I can keep all this up and I will post about week 3 and 4 soon!

Until then, have a WONDERfilled day!!


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