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52weeksewingchallenge, weeks 3 & 4 | This WONDERfilled Life

Wow, by the skin of my teeth I made it.  These last two sewing weeks ended up being me learning about being flexible…I had plans, those plans didn’t happen…I made new plans…some of those didn’t happen…oh well…doesn’t that sum up life in general these days? Okay, so week 3 & 4 of the #52weeksewingchallenge, lets get to it. WEEK 3 - Sew swimwear or outerwear Okay, I know what you’re thinking…swimwear in January! This challenge is worldwide so they try and keep that in mind when planning the weekly themes.  I choose outerwear, for the dog.  Let me say that again…I made my dog a coat…🤦🏼‍♀️ If you didn’t know, we decided to finally, after talking about it for years, to get a puppy.  Lot’s of reasons went into our decision making but in July of last year we brought home Zoey, our purebred, Australian Cattle Dog.  It. Has. Been. A. Ride.  I feel like we’re through the looking glass as far as puppyhood goes…and to be honest this breed doesn’t usually need coats, but I thought why not.  I