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Picture rail what?

Happy 2023! Wow! I can’t believe another year has passed.  I’d love to announce all these amazing plans and challenges for the coming year, but the fact is friends, I got nothin’.  LOL.  And it sort of feels good.  I have many hopes for the coming year of possibilities but I think I’ve learned between being a freelance musician, a mom and surviving a pandemic that you can plan all you want, but STUFF happens.  So I’m going to take things as they come…and just strive to do better as often as I can. That said I miss writing weekly so I hope to get back to that. I have SOOOO many photos of things I’ve made in the past few years that I had the best intentions of sharing and just haven’t gotten around to it yet, so I’m going to try and work through what I find as I continue to clean up my digital files. One project I get asked about EVERY year is how I hang this garland in our home for the holidays.  I’m going to tell you it’s the easiest thing EVER! Especially if you’re as lucky as we are