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Print and Cut, Still a Favorite! | This WONDERfilled Life

So we’re a few days away from Bubba’s big day and *I think* I have everything under control.  While I am behind my own self imposed timeline for things being finished I am admittedly WAY ahead of where I was this same time frame when we did P’s big party.  See…we’re learning! LOL “Super Bubba’s, Level 6, Blacklight, Mario Mash-Up" party is based off the same format as P’s. We welcome everyone to our home, go over some rules (no running!) and then travel together (in this case through a “warp tube”) to get to our final destination - Super Mario Mash-Up World.  We have several stations set up for play, a Mario Kart RC - Rainbow Road area, glow in the dark tic-tac-toe and a coloring station!! (I also have three group activities/games set for us to play, more on that later). One of my favorite things we did for P’s party was have a coloring activity.  Since her party was based on Disney's Coco and "día de muertos" I used “print and cut” to print out and cut accurately D

The Family Mario - 2023 GLOW edition! | This WONDERfilled Life

At our school's Fall Fest, 2022.  We won the trunk or treat contest! It's been forever...again...I am so behind on life right now.  I know it "looks" like I have everything together and handled but I promise you that I am barely hanging on.  I thought when both kids went to school (at the same school) this past fall things would get easier and I'd have oodles of time to work and do things like clean, organize and's freaking April and I've written and published ONE blog post and my to do list is growing longer by the day. So...let's catch up a bit on life and then I'll tell you all about the newest time suck over here. I have like ten different blog posts rolling around in my head...I think I may have to go back to my 2018 plan and just force myself to write an hour a week and call it.  I find that when I get stressed (and getting behind REALLY stresses me out) my perfectionism starts to rear it's ugly head again and when it com