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Congratulations to Bubba | This WONDERfilled Life

I’m a pusher.  I don’t sit still.  I get involved.  A “do-bee” as Super likes to call me. Quite honestly I get stuff done.  I’ve struggled the past year or two with being involved with the kids’ school and various organizations and projects.  I took a step back this past year from specific organizations (PTA, Friends of, etc) but fought the urge to “jump in” many times! Old habits die hard!   When it came to Bubba graduating from Kindergarten I struggled even more.  When P was in Kindergarten the pandemic hit, so we didn’t get to experience any of the traditional Kindergarten “rites of passage” and because I swore off being a room parent with more than one other person (his class had like, 15?!?!?) I knew I would have to just sit back and watch some of the planning and event prep from the sideline.  But…I also knew I wanted to make it special for him in some way.  I remember being with Super at breakfast a few weeks before the Kindy celebration was set to happen and talking about how c