PPE (Protective Performing Equipment)

UPDATE as of 10/04/2021

The shop is CLOSED for new orders, and there are currently no plans to make any more items.  Thank you all for the support! With music back on the stage it’s time for me to go back to work playing!

Thanks and as always, you can email me at: wonderjodesigns@gmail.com with any questions or concerns. Stay safe and healthy!


BRASShole Playable Mask $20 (also available for Tuba, pls indicate when ordering.)

Check out trumpeter, JoAnn Lamolino, as she tries out the BRASShole and WONDERcover for trumpet!


Horn (original) $25

Bell cover for horn.  Made from two layers of medium weight nylon spandex material. 
Features an offset hand opening, approx 5" opening. 


Spit Happens $15 Check out the SP!T Happens pad in action here


14" x 24" waterproofed backed towel. Liquids are contained on the terry and will not leak thru the water proof PUL (polyurethane laminate) backing . When you're done with rehearsal fold the pad in thirds, and roll back up to keep the wet side of the towel inside the waterproof roll. The pad can be laundered with like colors on cool and tumble dried on low. The concert black pad looks better than a puppy pad laying on the stage and since it's reusable it will save you money in the long run not to mention saving space in the landfill.


Trumpet $15 no longer available

Trombone/Bass Trombone $18 no longer available

Tuba $20 no longer available

(fits up to a 20" bell, shown here on a 16" mock up)


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